Our financing services

Meeting with AgrimentInvesting in developing countries and emerging markets has without doubt a high-risk profile. For the investor it is important to minimize the risk and not to endanger the existing business. Commercial financing for investments in developing countries and emerging markets is however difficult to acquire. If available, often the conditions are not suitable and favourable.

Based on our first meeting we advise you what the best opportunity is for your company to acquire financing or subsidies. We support you in developing the business case and formulate a bankable business plan suitable for acquiring financing or subsidies.

We have extensive experience and a strong track record in acquisition of grants (subsidies) from Dutch and international programmes supporting investments and export promotion. In the event that your business case is not eligible for receiving a grant, we support in the acquisition of financing such as loans and semi equity from development banks and commercial banks or private equity from strategic investors or venture capital funds.

Financing services are generally based on a combination of a fixed fee and a success fee.