PIB market development

PIB stands for Partners for International Business. It is a program funded by the Dutch ministry of Economic. The aim of the program is to support a groups of Dutch SME companies to jointly to enter an international market.

With the PIB country list you can check whether your target country for export is included.

A PIB project is always tailor-made and can consist of activities from different modules from the PIB program:

  1. Promotion: (max. grant € 100.000)
    • Incoming Trade missions: Potential local clients and local decision makers can be invited to visit the Netherlands to become familiar with the Dutch technology and knowhow (incoming missions)
    • Outgoing Trade missions: Representatives of Dutch companies and decision makers from the Netherlands visit the target country and potential clients.
    • Exhibitions and fairs.
    • Visits and meetings; Representatives of the Dutch companies visit, participate or organise seminars, workshops etc. to promote the Dutch technology and knowhow.
    • Inviting sector journalists to visit the Netherlands.
    • Holland branding: the development of joint promotion such as a website, leaflets, television, marketing, billboards etc.
    In practice, different activities can be combined, such as an outgoing mission combined with participation in an exhibition, or visits to governmental organisations, institutions and companies.
  2. Establishment of a local representation for the sector ( max grant € 35.000)
  3. Exchange of knowledge: (max. grant € 100.000)
    For this different programs are available such as G2G (Government to Government), K2K (knowledge exchange), NMTP (Dutch Management Training Program).
  4. Economic diplomacy
    Activities focussed on solving problems or eliminating barriers that prevent Dutch companies to enter the foreign market successfully. These activities are carried out by the representatives of the Dutch government in the target country (Embassies etc.) and Dutch Ministries.

Important features and criteria to qualify for the PIB program are:

  • Minimally 3 Dutch SME companies and preferably 1 knowledge institute in a joint strategy group
  • In case there are more initiatives for a sector in the target country than, if possible, these initiatives are combined.
  • The project duration is between 3 months and 3 years.
  • Applications can be made throughout the year.
  • The Dutch offer has an added value compared to foreign competition.
  • The Dutch government should be of added value to realise market entrance.
  • The plan ultimately has a positive effect on economic growth in the Netherlands.
  • Depending on the type of activities the grant can range from 0% to 50% and sometimes to 100% in case it concerns sector- collective activities.

Check the PIB country list. In case you have any questions, please contact us.