EKV: Export credit insurance

Export of capital- and trade goods, especially to emerging markets and countries in development have a high risk profile. The purpose of export credit insurance is to minimize these risks. Besides this, the possibility to provide financing to your client can be a decisive factor for acquiring an export order.

Export credit insurance is provided by private insurers. For many countries, the country risk and default risk is too high. In that case, it is possible to insure the export transaction on behalf of the Dutch State. Facilities in this framework are implemented by Atradius Dutch State Business, a subsidiary of the private insurer Atradius.
Only export transactions of capital goods (machinery, greenhouses, etc.), with a term of 12 months or more, are eligible.

Atradius Dutch State Business is currently conducting two facilities for the Dutch State which are important in this context, namely (a) EKV facility (b) DGGF export facility.
Both facilities relate to export for which insurance is required on behalf of the Dutch State. Sometimes the EKV facility cannot be used because for example, the country limit for this facility is reached, or the facility is not open for the specific country or because of acceptance policy for debtors. In that case the DGGF export facility may be an option. The DGGF facility goes beyond the EKV scheme.

EKV facility

The purpose of the export credit Insurance facility (EKV) is to promote exports of capital goods and services and investment of Dutch companies abroad by providing credit and investment insurance (RIV).

Transactions which qualify for this facility, are characterised by a higher risk as result of which they cannot be insured commercially. This higher level of risk is a result of:

  • The target country of export or investment
  • A longer risk period
  • A longer credit period
  • A larger transaction amount

Depending on the country risk, transactions can be insured under the EKV facility, so on behalf of the Dutch State, If the transaction meets one of the three criteria.

CategoryRisk period (months)Credit period (month)Contract amount (million)Examples
A: Rich countries EU+OESO >60 >24 >100 EU + OESO
B: Better Emerging Countries >36 >24 >50 China, Mexico
C: Other countries >24 >12 >5 Brazil, Egypt, India, Peru, Russia, Turkey

Date: 1 July 2014


Important features of this facility are also:

  • Only open for Dutch exporting companies.
  • A Dutch bank, often your house-bank, is the credit supplier, Atradius only insures.
  • Both the manufacturing risk (no delivery) the credit risk (after delivery) can be ensured.
  • Each country has a country limit up to which insurance may be provided.
  • The insurance covers up to between 90-98% of the damage; commercial risks up to 95%, political risk up to 98%.
  • Dutch share in the total transaction is at least 20%.
  • Down payment, at least 15% of the total transaction.
  • Financing; maximum 85% of the total transaction.
  • The credit period must be in proportion to the depreciation period of the capital good. The credit period is maximised; for higher income countries up to 10 years and for emerging markets and developing countries up to 8,5 years. Also the repayment capacity of the client plays a role in determining the credit period.
  • Local costs associated with the transaction, up to a maximum of 30% of the total transaction, can be included in the contract.
  • To determine the premium, the country risk, default risk and maturity of the credit are taken into account.


It is in the context of negotiations with your customers important to timely know if you can use this facility. Different forms are available to carry out a quick scan for your business case. Atradius may issue, based on preliminary information, a principle coverage statement for a period of 6 months. It contains the terms and conditions which you can take into account during negotiations with your potential client. If you wish to use this facility we are happy to support you in the various steps.

Please contact us for more information and support.