DTIF: Dutch Trade and Investment Fund

The aim of the Dutch Trade and Investment Fund (DTIF) is to support Dutch companies in realising investments in and export to foreign markets. DTIF provides loans, guarantees and (indirect) participations and export financing.

While the sister program DGGF (Dutch Good Growth Fund) focuses  on developing countries and a number of emerging markets, DTIF focuses on  the other countries with exception of countries which are included in the saction list of UN and/or European Union. In the DGGF country list (Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF)- country list) the countries in which DGGF is applicable  are shown. DTIF operates in all other countries.

DTIF works along two tracks:

  1. DTIF – Financing investments; fund manager the Dutch agency RVO.
  2. DTIF – Export financing; fund manager Atradius Dutch State Business.

DTIF- Financing investments (1)

Commercial banks can be reluctant in providing financing in foreign countries because of the relative high risks (country risks) and the size of the transactions. In this case DTIF can provide financing in case a sound business plan is available. The maximum financing that can be provided is € 15 million.

The fund is a revolving fund and therefore does not provide grants. The conditions for financing are market conform.


  • A sound business plan is available and based on the cash flows interest payments and repayment of financing can be expected.
  • Your company is located in the Netherlands and has substantial activities in the Netherlands.
  • Commercial financing in the market cannot or only partly facilitate your investment plans.
  • Co-financing is possible, for example from your house bank and preferable you provide an own contribution of minimum 20%.
  • The activities are not included in the FMO exclusion list
  • The project is implemented according the OESO guidelines for international corporate social responsibilities (ISCR).


Application starts with the submission of a Quick-scan. In the Quick-scan, informaton is provided about your company and business case. RVO evaluates the quick-scan and if positively, it makes sence to prepare an application. The application includes among others the business plan. From submission of the Quick-scan until disbursement of the loan takes minimum 6 months depending on whether the business plan still needs to be elaborated or not. 

Agriment has an extensive experience in developing bankable business plans and acquisition of financing. For more information, please contact us.