(Project-) Management support and technical assistance

Implementing investments or positioning your products in new export markets is mostly carried out in a number of phases; preparation phase, implementation phase and operational phase.

During the preparation phase for example a quick scan is executed, a feasibility study is carried out or a bankable business plan is prepared, financing or subsidies are acquired etc. During the implementation phase the production unit (food processing plant, dairy farm etc.) are established, land is purchased or rented, the legal company is established etc. During the operational phase the production is started up, raw material is purchased.

Our principle starting point is that your company is managing and controlling the activities in the different phases. Our contribution is to support you doing so . Depending on the phase we may provide:

Project management support

During the preparation and implementation phase we support you in project management. This may include;

  • Coordination with agencies (subsidy management) and banks (compliance, due diligence);
  • Developing training programs
  • Planning and monitoring progress;
  • Budget development and monitoring;
  • Preparation procurement of goods and services;
  • Reporting;
  • General backstopping.

Technical assistance

This comprehends support in different fields; During the implementation- and the operational phase, we are able to provide assistance to implement the project and to contribute to the operational success of the project. This can cover different fields; technical and technological advices, human resource development, marketing and sales etc.

Management support

If required we can provide interim management during the operational phase. In this case we send experienced managers for example farm, procurement, processing and marketing and sales managers that are able to implement new technology and management approach.