Market studies

Companies constantly keep in mind the needs of their costumers and the true value of what they offer. Additionally, the companies look for ways to meet the needs of their customers better than the competition. A market study is therefore not limited to mapping the assortments, market volumes, import and export. It should also answer the question in which way can we meet the demand of our customers better than our competitors in a constantly developing and changing market. For this, a market analysis is carried out including:

  • Sector analysis.
  • Client analysis.
  • Competition analysis.
  • Distribution analysis.

Supplemented with an analysis of the general demographic, economic, technological, environmental and political situation, a marketing and sales strategy is developed in which the company distinguishes itself from the competition and meets the constantly changes of the needs of the costumers.  Based on this:

  • The SWOT-analysis is elaborated, showing strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • The value strategy can be chosen in which a balance between product leadership, operational excellence and customer intimacy should lead to an optimal servicing of your clients.
  • The marketing strategy/marketing mix (5P’s) can be determined.

Taken into account the importance of the supply chain in agriculture and food, we strongly advocate a chain approach. In this approach we include an analysis of the supply chain to assess whether the supply chain can meet the requirements set for the sales market in terms of supply volumes, quality, veterinarian/sanitarian requirements set for the world market, cost prices etc.

We provide these services for companies that are planning new investments in emerging markets or want to expand their current operations to sell in local and regional markets. When carrying out a feasibility study, these services are included.