Feasibility study and Bankable Business plan

Being specialised in the agri- and food sector, our experts “speak the same language” as you and your staff. Having an extensive experience in emerging markets, our experts are familiar with the opportunities, threats and constraints. Together with your team we carry out the feasibility study, combining our joint know-how and- experience.

Normally, the market/commercial feasibility, the technical feasibility, and the financial viability are subject of a feasibility study. In that case the result is a business plan.

In case the business plan is made not only for yourself, but to acquire financing as well, the result is a bankable business plan which meets the requirements of investors, institutional banks and venture capital funds. The availability of key management and a thorough risk assessment, including risk management are important parts of the business plan.

We provide these services to Dutch companies that are planning to invest in emerging markets and foreign companies that have plans to invest in the agriculture and food chain. Sometimes these foreign companies are considering seriously to purchase equipment or machinery from Dutch suppliers. In that case we may be able to cover part of the costs by using a Dutch subsidy program like DHI.

Additionally we are, based on our know-how and experience in agriculture and food, assigned by (institutional) banks and governmental organisations to assess business plans that were prepared for financing.

In case required, we can support you in the acquisition of financing, commercial and/or institutional. Dutch companies investing abroad have the possibility to apply for financing with involvement of the Dutch government (DGGF or DTIF).

Feasibility study and bankable business plan matrix