Business Performance Scan (BPS)

Foreign clients often make use of these services. Their main question is how to increase productivity, efficiency and quality to meet changing standards from the side of the clients and decrease the cost price. We may start with a Quick Scan. The focus during this phase is on the market, analyzing input and output and on technology used. Based on this, our experienced team of experts can predict what improvements can be achieved in profitability by adapting the market strategy, implement advanced management methods, applying advanced technology etc.

A more profound Business Performance Scan can follow a quick scan or can be started up directly. Depending on your requirements, we analyze the performance of your company and compare this with realistic benchmarks given the specific business environment of your company. The scan can be limited to a certain field such as the market and sales performance, the technical performance or the financial performance. In all cases we compare your performance, with for your business, applicable Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and analyze the causes for under performance, if any.

Based on the outcome of the analysis, we elaborate a realistic improvement plan. If needed we assist with the implementation of this plan by supplying (interim-) management support and technical assistance. In general our experience is that our clients earn back the costs of these services within a short period.

We provide these services mainly to foreign companies in emerging markets that are eager to know whether their performance meets their potential, is competitive and how it can be improved. We provide these services based on a fixed fee and in case we participate in the management of the implementation of the improvement plan, a performance fee.

The business Performance Scan can be the starting point for a more extensive feasibility study in order to formulate an bankable business plan and to acquire financing or grants (subsidies).

Business performance scan steps