Feasibility study and business plan for a meat processing plant

Country Sudan
Year 2015-2016
Keywords Beef, deboning, cutting, meat processing, market analysis, technical plan, financial plan, business plan
Assignment Confidential
Funding Commercial
Affiliation Lineco BV and RBK

An extensive analysis of the meat market (wholesale, retail, supermarkets, butchers, food service) and the supply chain for quarters and cattle was executed based on which a strategy was formulated for the meat market and for the purchase of livestock for slaughtering. Based on the results a technical plan for renovation of existing buildings, for deboning and cutting, meat processing and distribution was made. Business calculations were elaborated according international standards, including scenarios, sensitivity analysis, risk analysis and possibilities to mitigate the risks. Starting with 32.000 cattle per year, the company will grow to annually 80.000 cattle. The bankable business plan resulted in the acquisition of financing for implementation of the project. The next phase, design and engineering is carried out by one of the project partners, RBK (http://www.RBK.nl).