Feasibility study and business plan arable farm of 1000 ha

Country Turkmenistan
Year 2015-2016
Keywords Business plan, potatoes onions, carrots, market strategy, technical plan, financial plan
Assignment Awtoyoly Agri, Asgabat
Funding Commercial funding
Affiliation APH Group

Execution of a feasibility study and preparation of a business plan for an arable farm of 1000 ha cultivating storable crops such as potatoes, onions and carrots. Based on a market analysis and business environment analysis the market feasibility was assessed and a market and sales strategy was developed. Based on the technical environment the technical feasibility was assessed and a technical plan for cultivation, including machinery, irrigation, storage etc. was developed. An investment plan was developed including phasing of the investments. Financial projections including P&L, Cash flow statement, Balance sheets were elaborated. A risk analysis was made including possibilities to mitigate the risks.