Feasibility study and bankable business plan slaughterhouse and meat processing for cattle and pigs

Country South Africa
Year 2014- 2016
Keywords Feasibility study, bankable business plan, slaughterhouse, meat processing
Assignment AngloGold Ashanti en Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality
Funding Private and governmental financing
Affiliation Van Laer Consultancy

In September 2015 Agriment started the activities for carrying out a feasibility study and develop a bankable business plan for a cattle- and pig Slaughterhouse and Meat Processing plant in the Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality (Dr.KKDM) in the North West Province in South Africa. Agriment was selected to carry out the study as part of a tender procedure in which several international consortia have participated. Agriment is assigned by AngloGold Ashanti, representing the Dr. KKDM and the City of Matlosana. The promoters of this project have the principle objective to establish a slaughter- and meat processing plant with a capacity of 1500 pigs and 500 cattle per day

The project starts with assessing the feasibility from point of view of the international and local market for meat and meat products and with assessing the livestock supply chain. The main question when analysing the supply chain will be, whether the supply chain is able to supply the quantities and quality needed. Based on the results, a market strategy for meat and meat products and a supply chain strategy for livestock will be developed for the new company. 

Assuming market feasibility, based on the outcome, the technical plans for the slaughterhouse, meat processing plant and the Livestock supply chain will be developed. Finally the financial feasibility will be assessed leading to bankable business plan according to the international standards. Part of the financial feasibility is to develop models for ownership and to identify potential investors. For this potential investors with experience in the sector, development- and commercial banks, investment funds etc. will be approached. The planning is to present the final business plan in June 2015.