Feasibility study and bankable business plan Distribution center and Arable Farm

Country Senegal
Year 2016-2018
Keywords distribution centre, farm, potatoes, onions, carrots, sesame, rice, sorghum, bankable business plan, feasibillity study
Assignment Privat (confidential)
Funding Commercial and DHI

Feasibility study and bankable business plan for a distribution center and a farm, cultivating storable crops like potatoes, onions and carrots and rice, sesame, sorghum in the rotation for mainly the local market. The project includes the assessment of the possibilities for arable farming in the different regions and the advantages and disadvantages of the different regions for arable farming. Based on this the preferred areas for the farm are selected based on climate, water availability and quantity, soil quality, cultivation periods in relation to supply to the market and storage requirements etc. The project comprises the development of the market and sales strategy, the technical plans for the distribution center(DC) and for the farm including cultivation, machinery, storage. Financial projections are elaborated according international standards including scenarios, sensitivity analysis, risk analysis and the possibilities to mitigate the risks.