Livestock & meat

Strengthening the dairy chain in Moldova

Country: Moldova
Year: 2000-2003
Keywords: Technical and management assistance, demonstration, chain development, input supply, co-operative development.
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Dairy cows in stable

Poultry Integration Skopje

Country: Macedonia
Year: 2000
Keywords: Broilers, Layers, Parent Stock, Meat Processing, Bankable Report
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Improvement of the Chain Approach in the Pig Production sector

Country: Lithuania
Year: 2000-2002
Keywords: Integrated chain development, institutional and sector development; commercial spin-off
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Development of a Pork Chain

Country: Hungary
Year: 2000-2002
Keywords: Pork chain development, breeding, animal health management, information technology.
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Pork meat

Dairy Sector Development Project L’viv Region

Country: Ukraine
Year: 1999-2001
Keywords: Improvement of the dairy chain: dairy farms, dairy factories, dairy sector plan, dairy business service centre, farm shops, milk recording system, breeding and quality control
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Dairy Sector Development

Feasibility study Beef production

Country: Moldova
Keywords: Feasibility study, chain cooperation
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Feasibility study beef production