Fuit & Vegetables

Potato sector study

Country: Brazil
Year: 2014
Keywords: sector study, quality assurance, year-round supply, crisps, French fries, table potatoes, processing. Market size and structure, chain development
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Frozen potato products

Study tour horticultural sector

Country: Spain
Year: 2012
Keywords: Open field (Murcia) and greenhouse (Almeria) vegetable production, marketing chain
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Greenhouse vegetable production

Pre-feasibility study for the set up op potato production in Atyrau

Country: Kazachstan
Year: 2012
Keywords: Feasibility study, investment study
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 fresh market Kazakhstan

Fruit and Vegetable marketing

Country: Saudi Arabia
Year: 2011-2013
Keywords: Sector evaluation, Feasibility study, fruits and vegetables
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Fruit and vegetable marketing

Conditioning- and Handling Centre

Country: Nigeria
Year: 2010
Keywords: Feasibility study, investment study, potato, sweet potato, yam, carrot, tomato, cabbage, production, collection, handling
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Vegetable conditioning and handling centre

Export of fair trade mango’s

Country: Burkina Faso
Year: 2010
Keywords: Fair trade certification, Business plan development, Burkina, Mali, Ivory Coast, alternative crops, collection, out growers, high-density mango orchards
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Fair trade mango's

Conventional IQF red fruit

Country: Serbia
Year: 2009-2010
Keywords: red fruit, IQF
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Conventional IQF red fruit

Vegetable production and processing in Belgorod

Country: Russian Federation
Year: 2007
Keywords: pre-feasibility study, vegetable cultivation and vegetable processing (freezing)
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Carrot harvesting