Support development Bankable Business plan Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (VC) and acquisition financing


Spack BV is a Dutch company ( active in the production and supply of organic types of oil. Spack BV supplies cold-pressed vegetable oil as well as refined vegetable oil in a variety of packaging to wholesalers, food service and retailers worldwide. Spack BV has its own crushing facilities in the Netherlands. 

The company is constantly looking for the best raw materials to meet the high-quality standards set by the market. Backwards integration in the supply chain makes it possible to control the supply chain and support primary producers to develop their coconut production. Spack BV has entered in a partnership with The Green Coconut Company which was set up by Mr. Fred Bergwerff for producing fibers from the husks in Vietnam. 

Agriment was assigned by the partners to support a team of internal and external specialists in the development of a bankable business plan based on which external financing can be acquired.