A succesful project for developing a bankable business plan for deboning, cutting and processing of beef in North East Africa


Medio 2016 Agriment was asked to support the development a business plan for deboning, cutting and processing of beef in North-East Africa. The business plan is developed in co-operation with RBK (http://www.RBK.nl). After an extensive anlysis of the beef market, a market strategy was formulated. Based on this a technical plan for the deboning and cutting departments as well as for the processing of beef was developed. Additionally the financial evaluation was carried out based on which the local company was able to acquire financing for implementatioin of the plan and based on which RBK recently was assigned to carry out design and engineering. 

RBK is specialist in the field of design & engineering of among others abattoirs and meat processing companies, while Agriment has an extensive experience in business planning. The facility for deboning, cutting and meat processing is expected to become operational in the end of 2017. 

It is clear, that there is a growing demand from the side of investors in developing countries and emerging markets for the establishment of integrated food chains. As result the demand for bankable business planning, according international standards and design & engineering of food processing companies according European standards, is growing. This accounts for greenfield and braunfield projects. This is the reason why Agriment and RBK co-operate in these markets, with Agriment having focus on business planning and financing and RBK on the next step, design & engineering.