Development Distribution centre and Farm in Senegal


Agriment started with the preparation of a business plan for the development of a distribution centre and farm in Senegal that is focused on the distribution and cultivation of potatoes, onions and carrots under Centre Pivot irrigation, but that also includes rotation crops like rice, sorghum and sesame. The aim of the Dutch-Senegalese investors is first of all to secure a position on the Senegalese market for mentioned products as the government of Senegal promotes the local cultivation in combination with prolonged seasons during which import of mainly onions and potatoes are restricted.

The project is being supported by the Dutch government via the DHI subsidy program that supports an investment preparation study.

This project includes the development of selection criteria based on which the optimum location for the farm can be determined in relation to the products to be grown (climate, water availability, quality and infrastructure cost for irrigation water, land use, quality and availability, distance to the market etc.)

The project also includes packing and cold storage, both on-farm bulk storage as well as temporary storage of the packed end-product in a Dakar based  Distribution Centre.

Pumping station