Agriment diversifies approach Business Plan development


A core activity of Agriment is the development of bankable business plans for its clients. “Bankable” means, according standards set by international banks and financing institutions, based on which they can decide whether they are willing to participate in financing. Experience learns, that preparing a business plan with higher participation of the investors, leads to better strategic choices and profitability. Additionally, risks are identified in an early stage and possibilities to manage these risks are in place when implementing.The development of such a business plan is time-consuming and, on the first sight, costly, but should be considered as a good investment. Despite this companies are hesitating due to, among others, the costs. For this reason, Agriment has developed three levels of support:

1. Guidance level: 

  • Agriment gives direction for the structure, contents and input for the Business plan;
  • Staff of the client is doing mainly the work;
  • Agriment gives feedback on the input of the staff; gaps, missing sources, unclear, point of view of the financial institution etc.
  • Staff is compiling the final business plan;
  • This level of support is suitable for companies having already experience in the business and with a professional staff being able to meet the quality standards set.

2. Support:

  • On top of guidance, Agriment is doing part of the work for example carrying market analysis, preparing the technical plan or developing the financial model for carrying out business calculation model and financial analysis.
  • This level of support is suitable for companies not having extensive experience in the business yet, have limited expert staff, but are able to mobilise local staff with which Agriment works.

3.  Execution:

  • In this case, Agriment is leading in gathering and analysing information, formulation of the business plan and business calculation model.
  • This level of support is suitable companies with limited or no experience in the business.
  • In this case the work is carried out by an expert team of Agriment.

Experience has learned that, in case the conditions are fulfilled, the “Support level” or even “Guidance level” leads to substantial lower costs for preparing the bankable business plan. Even more important, the higher participation of the staff of the client secures a high level of support for implementation. Additionally, our services become available for more companies, considered the lower investment/ costrs for preparing the bankable business plan. 

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