Agriment diversifies approach Business Plan development


A core activity of Agriment is the development of bankable business plans for its clients. “Bankable” means, according standards set by international banks and financing institutions, based on which they can decide whether they are willing to participate in financing. Experience learns, that preparing a business plan with higher participation of the investors, leads to better strategic choices and profitability. Additionally, risks are identified in an early stage and possibilities to manage these risks are in place when implementing.The development of such a business plan is time-consuming and, on the first sight, costly, but should be considered as a good investment. Despite this companies are hesitating due to, among others, the costs. For this reason, Agriment has developed three levels of support:

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Support development Bankable Business plan Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (VC) and acquisition financing


Spack BV is a Dutch company ( active in the production and supply of organic types of oil. Spack BV supplies cold-pressed vegetable oil as well as refined vegetable oil in a variety of packaging to wholesalers, food service and retailers worldwide. Spack BV has its own crushing facilities in the Netherlands. 

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Development Distribution centre and Farm in Senegal


Agriment started with the preparation of a business plan for the development of a distribution centre and farm in Senegal that is focused on the distribution and cultivation of potatoes, onions and carrots under Centre Pivot irrigation, but that also includes rotation crops like rice, sorghum and sesame. The aim of the Dutch-Senegalese investors is first of all to secure a position on the Senegalese market for mentioned products as the government of Senegal promotes the local cultivation in combination with prolonged seasons during which import of mainly onions and potatoes are restricted.

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A succesful project for developing a bankable business plan for deboning, cutting and processing of beef in North East Africa


Medio 2016 Agriment was asked to support the development a business plan for deboning, cutting and processing of beef in North-East Africa. The business plan is developed in co-operation with RBK ( After an extensive anlysis of the beef market, a market strategy was formulated. Based on this a technical plan for the deboning and cutting departments as well as for the processing of beef was developed. Additionally the financial evaluation was carried out based on which the local company was able to acquire financing for implementatioin of the plan and based on which RBK recently was assigned to carry out design and engineering. 

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Dutch Ambassador in Egypt opens peanut processing plant in Egypt


On Thursday 26 May 2016, the new Peanut shelling plant Kernile, was officially opened by the ambassador of the Netherlands in Cairo, Mr Gerard Steeghs.

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