Agriment International is an independent consulting company with longstanding expertise in agricultural and food sector in developing countries and emerging markets. From its roots (in the 1960’s) in the Dutch agricultural- and-food sector, it has developed since 1992 into an internationally oriented company. Since then Agriment International has advised and supported a large number of Dutch companies in establishing profitable businesses in emerging markets. Furthermore, Agriment has been active in assisting foreign companies in finding suitable Dutch partners and in improving their business performance.

We are active in different food chains; the arable-, vegetable-, fruit-, dairy-, beef- ,pig- and poultry chain. For these chains we have experience in all links; from agricultural input supply, breeding, primary production, and processing to distribution and marketing of agricultural produce. In addition, we have expertise and experience in institutional- and chain development.

Our vision and our mission

Due to a growing world population, increasing incomes and urbanisation, the demand for food will increase significantly in the near future. We believe that all people on this planet are entitled to sufficient and high quality food.

We believe that, taken into account the limited resources and our responsibility to the next generations for the environment, the goal to have sufficient and high quality food for all people, can only be reached by an efficient, optimised and sustainable agricultural production, food processing and distribution.

We believe that improved chain management, transfer of knowhow and advanced technology in each link of the chain, can contribute significantly in meeting the demand for food, using limited resources.

We believe that cross –border private initiatives and entrepreneurship in developing countries and emerging markets, cooperating with and supported by public initiatives, is the way to reach the long term goals.

Our mission is to initiate and support private initiatives and entrepreneurship in the agri- and food sectors in developing countries and emerging markets by:

  • connecting Dutch and local companies and establishing sustainable business cooperation,
  • transferring modern know-how, chain management and technology,
  • initiating private-public cooperation,
  • introducing and opening new potential markets.

And by this, contribute to the availability of high quality food for everyone and support social and economic developments in developing countries and emerging markets.

We are guided by our CSR-policy

Our team

Agriment is a network organization based on an experienced, well-balanced core team and a selected team of high qualified associates. Our team members have a management background and -experience on strategic and on operational level within Dutch and international operating agri- and food companies.

Additionally, we have access to an extensive network of highly qualified, independent Dutch and foreign experts, who have a solid basis of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in agricultural- and food production technology, marketing & sales, financing, tax and legal matters.

This allows us to always compose the best suitable team for any project.

Our approach

Market, partner and financing are key-factors for being successful. Therefore, at the start of our cooperation, our efforts are focused on understanding your strategy and business case, whether you are in the process of investing in local production or developing an export market.

At the start of our cooperation we match your business case with possible funding and, if applicable, with business partners. We identify the opportunities and the risks for the project, taking in to account the position of your project in the agriculture and food chain. Based on this, we formulate a project plan in which step by step the activities, services and results are charted. The project plan forms the basis for our cooperation.

Our contracts and agreements are in general based on the performance and the results that need to be achieved. Agriment is willing to share the risk with you by including performance-related payments. However, from our genes we do not need this incentive to be fully committed to your business case.

Our values

Honesty and transparency to all stakeholders in the project are important values that we not only advocate but bring in practice as well. We expect the same from our partners. We are committed to support Dutch foreign and local companies in developing countries and emerging markets to improve their performance and expand their business. We are a strong believer that this will contribute to economic developments, employment and the position of minorities. Our work is governed by our Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

Read our CSR policy